Short Cut to Self-awareness

Do you want to connect deeper in your relationships? How about find more success in your career? Or maybe you just want to live a happier life in general?

Yes? I thought so. Well, allow me to let you in on a major element…


What is it?

Self awareness is understanding who you are and why you do the things that you do. It’s about knowing your desires, your habits, how you learn, how you handle stress, and recognizing the experiences that shape you. It’s a constant and ever changing pursuit, and it’s not always easy, but knowing yourself on a deep level is a key to success.

How Do I Start?

So where do you begin with something as overarching and vast/complex as “getting to know yourself”? You could meditate or journal daily, and reflect on your actions and patterns that arise. However, most of us do not have the time, discipline, or expertise in the area. But I bet you can answer a bunch of questions about yourself, right?

ENTER personality tests. 

They are a beautiful thing guys. Answer some simple questions and let an expert do the hard work for you? Sounds good to me!

If you’re hesitant, that’s okay. It can seem a little forced to fill out a questionnaire so an algorithm can tell you about yourself, but there are plenty of reasons why I stand behind these tools, and here is why:

1. You are able to better explain yourself to others

It takes a lot of time, experience and clarity in the moment to be able to explain to someone why you feel the way that you do. By asking the right questions, these quizzes hone in on specific patterns and break down general situations and environments that cause you to feel a certain way. The information is then packaged and presented to you in a way that will resonate with you and others.

2. Know your strengths your weaknesses

I assume almost all of us have had to answer the “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses” question in an interview? Are you guilty of using any of the below?

” I’m a perfectionist.”…”I have trouble delegating.”…”I’m organized.”…”I have great time management.”

THOSE AREN’T REAL, and people will see right through your google search. Personality tests highlight strengths and weaknesses that you may have never noticed or been able to convey.

3. See your traits from a different perspective

I used to see my sensitivity as a negative trait in the past, but several personality quizzes told me otherwise. Maybe you just need another voice to shift your viewpoint.

4. You’ll realize you aren’t alone

Reading through your results often makes you feel incredibly understood. I found myself nodding throughout the whole thing. Someone recognized exactly who I was. We can have the tendency to be hard on ourselves. There have been so many times that I questioned/doubted why I was a certain way, or if anyone understood what I’m going through. My descriptions were spot on, and it felt so good to be defined. And better yet, if it’s in this quiz, it’s a pattern, there is someone else out there who thinks the same way. You are not alone!

5. You can recognize what you need

These quizzes are positive. They call out situations that you like as well as ones that will stress you out. They often give you advice on the types of people, careers, or environments you need to feel at ease. Move towards those things. It could give you a direction you didn’t even know you wanted.


Are you convinced yet? Click here for a list of tests you can start with!