How to Tell if the Bread You’re Buying is Actually Healthy

The other day, I stood in the bread aisle of the grocery store for more time than I would have liked trying to find a healthy brand. At this point, I think we all know that you aren’t supposed to eat white bread, but beyond that do you know what makes a loaf healthy or unhealthy? Check these 3 things on your next grocery run: 1: Look for the word WHOLE. Whole grain and whole wheat grain are key! This means you get each part of the grain (bran, germ and endosperm) and all its nutrients! You’re going to see a lot of words that sound healthy on a lot of these breads: enriched flour, multi grain, wheat bread. None of those have the word whole in them, which means the grains have been stripped down. So first thing to...Give me more!

WORKOUT: No Gym, No Problem. 30 Minute Bodyweight and Stair Workout

I'm back in Green Bay for the holiday weekend, and with no gym membership that means I have to get creative with my workouts. Luckily, my parents live very close to Lambeau field. The circumference around the stadium is a full mile, they have playground equipment over in Titletown, and there is a giant stair entrance leading to one of the gates. Looks like I found today's gym. Today I chose the stairs. This workout gets your heart rate up immediately, and with each step propelling you forward and up, you are forced to engage all of your leg muscles: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves! I've included my circuit below. Repeat it 2x. And the great news is, this workout can be done on any staircase. So find one in your area and try it! **Lambeau staircases have 34 steps...Give me more!

WORKOUT: Burn 350 Calories in 30 minutes

Winter is coming!   …Is that still trendy to say? I don’t know. I don’t even watch Game Of Thrones….   ANYWAY… Yes, here in the Midwest, temperatures are dropping and the daylight hours are dwindling. That means many of us are trading our beautiful lake shore runs for the rotating belt that is the treadmill. But have no fear! There are a lot of ways to spice up your run on a treadmill. You can make some virtual hills with the incline, you can hold yourself to a specific speed goal, you can do timed intervals, etc! I like to write out a plan before my workouts, so I wrote down one that I did the other day. It’s 30 minutes,  3 miles, and burns 380 calories. It has you running at a steady jog throughout with a steady...Give me more!

4 Ways to Step Up Your Coffee Game

Coffee…the magical elixir that gives us life. We already love it, but what if it could also make you more beautiful, reduce inflammation, taste great, AND last longer? YUP. Here are a few things you can add to your coffee to give it a little extra UMPH   Turmeric and pepper I see those questioning eyes. I know it sounds strange. But I swear it works! Turmeric, that (very trendy) yellow spice used to make curry, is an anti-oxidant well known in the wellness world for decreasing inflammation in the body. That alone is enough, but if you really want to increase the effects, just add a dash of pepper. Without getting too far into the biology, the bioavailability of turmeric (or the amount that enters into circulation) is higher when consumed with pepper, thus making the anti-inflammatory effect even...Give me more!

5 Tips To Help You Get Out of Bed For Your Morning Workout

Call me crazy, but morning workouts are one of my favorite ways to start the day. I enjoy physically feeling the blood pumping through my body and my muscles warming up after their long rest, not to mention the multitude of benefits that extend after the workout. I love how energized I feel throughout the day, the extra calorie burn, and the freedom to do whatever I want after work. But whether you are a morning person or not, there are inevitably going to be those days where it feels impossible to get out of bed. Hopefully these tips can make it a little easier: 1.Plan a workout that excites you If you are sick of your daily routine or the treadmill makes you want to cry out of boredom, you are a lot more likely to hit snooze on...Give me more!