Make It Happen: A Goal Guide for 2018

HELLOOOOO 2018! Call it cheesy, call it a cliche...but the start of the New Year always inspires me. It's a time for reflection of the year prior, a fresh start, a reset button, and a new beginning. You have 365 day of uncapped possibility and potential ahead, what is there not to get excited about? Like many of you, I make resolutions or goals every year. AND Like many of you, I ditch those goals after the first month, forget about them, or push them off.  Suddenly it's December, and I've just lived another version of the same year. But last year, I decided to make a change. Long story short, I was not happy with where/who I was a year ago, and I desperately wanted a fresh start. So I thought about what I didn't like, and what made me...Give me more!

30 Minutes to Self-awareness

I recently wrote a post on about how important it is to be self-aware. Read it here! I wrote about how self-awareness plays a huge role in your success in your career, your relationships, and your personal happiness. It's something we should work on throughout our entire lives through a variety of different methods and techniques. However, to ease you into things, I've curated a mini list with a couple of my favorite personality tests to get you started on this lifelong pursuit. You might be surprised by the accuracy. You might learn a few new things. You might get hooked. Levo Talents: Ever get stumped on the “What is your biggest weakness/strength” question in an interview? Levo Talents can help with that. After downloading the app, you will be taken through 35 questions. At the end you receive your...Give me more!

Short Cut to Self-awareness

Do you want to connect deeper in your relationships? How about find more success in your career? Or maybe you just want to live a happier life in general? Yes? I thought so. Well, allow me to let you in on a major element… Self-awareness. What is it? Self awareness is understanding who you are and why you do the things that you do. It’s about knowing your desires, your habits, how you learn, how you handle stress, and recognizing the experiences that shape you. It’s a constant and ever changing pursuit, and it’s not always easy, but knowing yourself on a deep level is a key to success. How Do I Start? So where do you begin with something as overarching and vast/complex as “getting to know yourself”? You could meditate or journal daily, and reflect on your actions and...Give me more!