Make It Happen: A Goal Guide for 2018

HELLOOOOO 2018! Call it cheesy, call it a cliche...but the start of the New Year always inspires me. It's a time for reflection of the year prior, a fresh start, a reset button, and a new beginning. You have 365 day of uncapped possibility and potential ahead, what is there not to get excited about? Like many of you, I make resolutions or goals every year. AND Like many of you, I ditch those goals after the first month, forget about them, or push them off.  Suddenly it's December, and I've just lived another version of the same year. But last year, I decided to make a change. Long story short, I was not happy with where/who I was a year ago, and I desperately wanted a fresh start. So I thought about what I didn't like, and what made me...Give me more!